A Critique of “The Overprotected Kid” From Someone Who Underprotects His Kids

baby snake

I’ve been reading lately about the potentially negative effects of overprotecting our children. According to Hanna Rosin, author of The Overprotected Kid, when they don’t take risks and experience “dangerous play,” our kids miss out on opportunities to overcome their … Continue reading

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Don’t Take Your Kid’s Stitches Out Yourself


At some point in the past our oldest son smacked his head on the stairs at the playground. I can’t remember how old he was at the time – he could walk but he wasn’t in diapers, if that helps. … Continue reading

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Newton Creek, Shoshone National Forest

car camping

A few days ago, my oldest and I were reminiscing about “that time we slept on top of the van.” Ah yes, I remember it well. Pretending that were trying something new, getting a better view of the stars, when in reality I just wanted get as far as possible from the hungry grizzly bears. Continue reading

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Potty Training, Daytime and Nighttime: Secrets Revealed

Black bear and cub in Yosemite

I don’t want to write about potty training. I’ll have to type the word “potty” too many times, and my true potty humor will be revealed, like a dirty diaper that manifests itself through multiple layers of clothing, in a … Continue reading

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Wildwood Lake, Nebraska

sunrise at wildwood lake

Last weekend the temperature jumped to 50 °F, with clear skies and an overnight low around freezing. Those seemed like prime conditions for introducing a toddler to winter camping. I decided to take the four older kids to Wildwood Lake, … Continue reading

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