Dr. Suess: Model Outdoorsman

This morning we impromptued a scene from The Lorax, where the Lorax (played by Mom) reprimands the Once-ler (our 1-yr-old):

Your nose chugs on day and night, without stop, making gluppitty-glupp, also schloppity-schlopp.

Then, our 5-yr-old joined in:

And what do you do with this left over goo? I’ll show you, you dirty old Once-ler man, you!

He did not proceed to show us what the baby does with her snot. That would have been gross, though funny.

The Lorax – inspiring countless kids to get outdoors and hug a tree, one of the few books I would ever bring camping.

I’m sure Dr. Suess was a minimalist camper and ultralight backpacker, keeping it simple, enjoying the Grickle-grass and the Swomee-Swans song, and leaving no trace. What a model outdoorsman. I can picture him crossing the Sierras with John Muir, swinging their knapsacks, and whistling “Rocky Mountain High.”