Haliaeetus leucocephalus

bald eagle at dusk

H. leucocephalus fun facts: biggest bird, next to the condor, and that monstrous eagle on Rescuers Down Under; nearly extirpated by DDT, which was ingested by fish, which were ingested by the eagle; mates for life, monogamously, so they say; not really bald.

Staredown with a Bald Eagle

hiking with the kidsToday we hiked around Keller Lake (Maplewood, MN), through swamp and snow, in search of a bald eagle. Growing up in the central valley of California, where sightings are rare, the national bird is a legendary mythical creature, like a unicorn. Seeing one would be an omen of prosperity, or it would give you raptor powers – we weren’t sure. Turns out they’re common to the Twin Cities area, and they don’t give you special powers, though I did nearly wet myself when they made eye contact with me.

bald eagle        bald eagle close up

bald eagle in nest        bald eagle in nest