Homemade Gifts from Dad: Lego Picture Frame

My frugality knows no bounds. OK, it knows a few. I don’t reuse floss and I never divide a baby wipe more than once. Half a wipe is my limit. Thirds? No way.

I’m not an Ebenezer, but I do raise my right eyebrow at the commercialism of the holidays. Thoughtful homemade gifts get major bonus points. Almost as priceless are thrift store treasures.

My first attempt at a hand crafted gift is a Lego picture frame. It took 20 minutes to build, and the geometry worked out nicely. Who knew that a 3 x 5 photo would fit perfectly in a 13 x 18 dot Lego grid? It was meant to be. Some flat rectangles as the base, an inner border of thin 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 pieces, and the photo is held in place by the bricks on the front.

A Lego picture frame… brilliant. I have no idea who to give it to. My son would destroy it to make a lava boat robot gun ship. My wife would put it on her nightstand, and once my son found it he’d destroy it to make a laser flier digger booster mobile 3D.